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Poem of the Week: One Foot In Front of the Other...

Reflections of the lessons that I just received,

Twenty-two archetypes teaching the wisdom I need.

Some were extremely challenging and painful,

Each of them shifting me, and for that I feel grateful.

I walk away from the ashes of my past,

Gaining more answers to the questions I've asked.

A deeper sense of my soul and my mission,

No longer looking for another's permission.

My past and my history is best left behind,

I'm too busy manifesting the magic of my mind.

One foot stepping in front of the other,

The present is where I can always recover.

Staying grateful and reminded of my blessings,

Feeling Great Spirit and the miracles expressing.

And on we go to the next amazing cycle,

Every moment awakening another great arrival.

The key to it all is staying true to form,

Listening to the heart without a need to conform.

This is the path of my destiny,

To be the greatest version of the best of me.

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