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Poem of the Week: Own Your Peace...

Waking up to a grateful heart,

A heart full of Love from the very start.

Welcoming in each wonderful new day,

Seeing the best, I tune in and pray.

Family, friends, and community to greet,

With opinions and views that they tweet.

The way that I keep my peace inside,

Is by following my heart as my true guide.

Making decisions that are the best for me,

Sharing information I allow others to see.

When it comes to their opinions each day,

It doesn't matter what they have to say.

Wasting any time on worrying about others,

Is choosing to be the one who suffers.

I don't owe anyone an explanation,

Or information for their interpretation.

I keep my peace, my story, and my life,

Between me, my Love, and the Great Divine.

This is how my heart stays at peace,

Allowing stress and worry to release.

My greatest advice for you and for all,

Is to own your peace and never play small.


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