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Poem of the Week: Owning It...

There are so many people in life today,

That want to shape us into their dream.

Most importantly, we have to be okay,

With standing alone, and not with a team.

To truly have ownership of who you are,

You won't need anyone's permission.

Because the heart shines like a bright star,

In its most perfect celestial position.

Own the shadows as well as the Light,

And no one can steal your power.

It's a waste of energy to fuss and fight,

When we can all bloom like a flower.

No one is perfect or superior to others,

We are all made with unique gifts.

Like a rainbow filled with every color,

Every type of being exists.

We can learn, grow, and expand,

When we Lovingly accept one another.

We can compassionately understand,

Every soul is our sister and brother.

Own who you are and stand tall,

Because we need your point of view.

Stop making excuses to play small,

There is a world that really needs you.

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