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Poem of the Week: Re-Inventing My Happiness...

Grateful for this life and each lesson,

So many blessings I have received.

Time changes with my expression,

I am what I've created and believed.

Entering a new phase of reality,

This is a great time re-create.

Manifesting a new life mentality,

My inner dreams don't have to wait.

No fears of failure or falling down,

Taking steps forward is the goal.

New habits to both support and ground,

Expressing creativity from the soul.

Getting strong in mind and heart,

Physically getting healthier and fit.

As success requires me to do my part,

Loving the self and ready to commit.

Happiness is an inside job,

It take courage to fight and take action.

Living my dreams makes my heart throb,

Co-creating with the law of attraction.

Never doubt that anything is possible,

Always believe in your dreams.

Own your life and be responsible,

We are all spiritual kings and queens.

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