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Poem of the Week: Retrograde Relationships...

Feelings are meant to be shared,

With people we Love and trust.

There is no need to be scared,

Un-bottling emotions is a must.

When we live a happy life each day,

And do the things we enjoy the most.

We get out of our own way,

And don't become so engrossed.

People will do and say things,

That cut deeper than any knife.

It's important to spread our wings,

And fly toward our happy life.

We are the ones who allow in,

The energies that influence us daily.

It's important to decide when,

To turn and walk away bravely.

When we make the choice to be,

Happy and free from pain.

We are able to disagree,

Without a need to explain.

Relationships reflect who we are,

And how we feel deep inside.

So reach high to set that bar,

Letting boundaries help us decide.

The best relationships are equal,

In giving and receiving.

Out of billions of people,

We chose the tribe we are seeking.

During retrograde, it's good to be fluid,

Allowing change to guide the way.

Clear the energies that feel polluted,

Everything's going to be okay.

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