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Poem of the Week: Shifting The View...

It can be easy to slip back into trauma mode,

And feel stuck in a loop on a karmic road.

Losing hope until that moment hits,

Realizing that life really isn't the pits.

Is the pain considered a leaning tower,

Or an amulet that gives a special power?

We get to choose how we wish to react,

Learning and growing or feeling attacked.

We go through phases in our process of healing,

As layers unfold the picture starts revealing.

The action of wisdom turning into knowledge,

Failing ten times before going to college.

We each have our timing in accepting the truth,

Shifting the view from the inside to improve.

Healthier thoughts and emotions that uplift,

Birth us into a more elevated shift.

Less reactive and more intentional,

Soul expressions become multidimensional.

Sacrificing the story that held us back for so long,

Rising above, we see that we are so strong.

It's time to turn a new leaf of change,

Entering new territory that may feel strange.

Healing by creating new patterns and behaviors,

Becoming our very own true spiritual savior.

This one life in this one body and mind,

Is a sacred temple, and a one of a kind.

Not letting the little things get us down,

This is the time and space to flip it around.

Empowering the heart and the inner vision,

Keeping the vibes high with each decision.

That willpower that we use on the little things,

Grows stronger and stronger and spreads its wings.

One day there will be such strength and power,

That we can harness, share and empower.

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