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Poem of the Week: The Courage To BE...

Don't let pride get in the way,

This is the lifetime to achieve big goals.

The heart is the only master to obey,

As the power of Love controls.

In a world filled with talented souls,

We have the duty to be ourselves.

Manifesting all of our goals,

With loud whistles and roaring bells.

This is a time to live really big,

Expressing Truths that dwell within.

Serving humanity is the gig,

Where both the giver and receiver win.

When we cultivate the courage to BE,

And express our passions without fear.

We have the ability to foresee,

That world peace could be near.

Letting go of the need to accept,

All of life's limits and constraints.

Advocating for those we protect,

Like the blessed gifts of the saints.

In order to live our true potential,

And offer the gifts of the soul.

We must learn what's most essential,

Is what makes each of us feel whole.

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