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Poem of the Week: The Love Story...

A journey of heart since I was so little,

Dreams of a Love, the answers to a riddle.

Trials and tests along the way,

Listening for the heart to say it's okay.

When my true Love had entered my life,

I was so sad and full of strife.

I left the abuse, control, and pain,

In order to gain my freedom again.

It was right at that point that Love entered,

Leading my heart right back to center.

All of my questions were answered clearly,

And Love swept my heart away so sincerely.

A destiny true and Divine on all ways,

Setting my heart passionately ablaze.

Forever grateful for listening within,

This is where the journey would begin.

A Love story starts in this space inside,

With a willingness to let the heart be the guide.

Letting it go to a power so high,

Answering the call and knowing exactly why.

Love is surrender, beauty, and grace,

A gift so sacred that I gratefully embrace.

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