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Poem of the Week: To Participate or Not To Participate - That is the Question...

Dynamics in relationships run so deep,

A need for dominance has been revealed.

No longer a desire to morn and to weep,

This dysfunction is asking to be healed.

Since I know talking continues the cycle,

I choose to take my power back.

There is no need to be in denial,

This relationship is way off track.

Family dynamics have so many layers,

People have learned habits over time.

But every argument takes two players,

Or it will stop on a dime.

Instead of spinning on the hamster wheel,

I jump off and keep my peace.

Not allowing anyone to steal,

The joy that continues to increase.

I am in charge of my energy field,

And emotions and thoughts deep inside.

My silence has truly revealed,

That Love is my only real guide.

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