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Poem of the Week: United Energy In Motion...

Seeking happiness through deeper connections,

Loving living beings with all of their imperfections.

Honoring life of all forms, shapes, and sizes,

Learning to see the best when a challenge arises.

To come together and unite in joyful living,

Has to do with both receiving and also giving.

Taking ownership of each part we play,

Asking for help when the inner world feels grey.

Not shaming, blaming, or pointing any fingers,

Facing issues even when they feel like stingers.

Understanding self-worth and that all life is sacred,

Forgiving, letting go, and not holding on to hatred.

When we own how we feel and set boundaries that feel right,

There is no one to push against, argue with, or fight.

Emotional harmony creates balance alone or apart,

What we experience reflects what's deep in the heart.

Magic happens when the unexpected is allowed to exist,

Remembering that what we resist will persist.

So let's all humble up and let go of control,

Seeing every challenge as a gift for the soul.

It's time to unite our energies and become whole,

For our One united heart, that is the ultimate goal.

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