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Poem of the Week: Your Virtue or Mine?

Our virtues are very high moral standards,

Not games we play for propaganda.

What I believe is what's right for me,

Not a belief that I convince you to see.

It takes great strength and a dose of courage,

To self correct without getting discouraged.

To live a life of virtuous choices,

Speaking up for those who don't have voices.

But what makes your virtue better than mine?

Where do boundaries draw the line?

Saving the fish from drowning in the sea,

By putting it up very high in a tree?

Preaching to masses how to live the best life,

By lying, stealing and cheating on your wife?

Listening to others to decide what is right,

Is giving away life energy without any fight.

We call this conformity or compliance at best,

When we hand over control to make others impressed.

This life is so sacred and holds value beyond cost,

Each of us a driver and the ultimate boss.

Following our virtues and listening to our guidance,

Or becoming more obedient and remaining silent.

So who do you wish to be in this life now?

What are your boundaries and what do you allow?

I honor your soul and your choices for you,

And I am grateful that you feel this way too.

Live your virtues as I will live mine,

The only one we have to answer to is the Divine.

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