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Poem of the Week: Zoning Out & Zooming In...

So much of life to process each day,

Work, family, home, and play.

If we don't stop, there's a price to pay,

Driving all of our dreams away.

Taking the Winter months to rest,

Is how to bring out our very best.

Slowing down helps us to invest,

In the beauty of our dreams expressed.

Our greatest times of inspired creation,

Are planted from seeds of transformation.

In downtime using our imagination,

We cultivate new levels of motivation.

Thinking without a programmed device,

Quieting all of the outside advice,

Taking a break is the sacrifice,

In creating a living paradise.

Allowing the mind to let go and be free,

Giving space for thoughts to just be.

Open to exploring outside this reality,

The areas unknown that hold the key.

Zoning out means zooming in,

From the outside world to the Light within.

Cultivating peace and strength to begin.

To live the life that makes us grin.

Take time in the winter months to pause,

Stop and go in toward the greatest cause.

Following nature and the harmony laws,

Putting the Self first just because.

Never regretting the choice to rise,

Above low frequencies in disguise.

The darkness helps us open our eyes,

To the Truths of the heart that are so wise.

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