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RaMa Mama Doula Share: Breastfeeding & Chapped Nipples...

Being a new mother doesn't stop at childbirth. As soon as you are done laboring, breastfeeding is the next new endeavor you are asked to master. Many newer mommies have problems with chapped nipples, and by the second child, they have found techniques that have worked really well for them in the past to use again. So what are they saying worked?

First of all, why is this happening? The number one reason is incorrect latching. When a baby is properly latched on, the nipple is in the back of the mouth where it wouldn't become irritated. This is the primary reason why there are lactation consultants at the hospital. It is important to start with good habits that work, and to get tips and pointers from the professionals who have seen it all. Tongue Tie'd babies don't always latch on right, and babies that get both the nipple and a bottle can develop nipple confusion that affects the way they feed. This is the first thing to check and correct before moving forward.