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RaMa Mama: Doula Share...Questions From Mothers

What Are The Best First Steps To Take When I Become Pregnant?

When a woman first becomes pregnant, she often asks... "What do I do now?" The first thing to remember is that pregnancy is not the time to start a new routine or behavior pattern. If you never worked out before you got pregnant, now is not the time to get in shape with a hard-core exercise program. It is a time to walk, as walking is the most grounding and natural form of exercise that we do daily no matter what. Walking will allow for greater circulation and help the heart and legs to have strength as you get closer to giving birth. Prenatal vitamins are okay to start even before becoming pregnant and after giving birth to help support the body through great change. It is also a good time for mothers to avoid toxic cleaners, chemicals, or other products that are not natural, as the skin is the way these toxins get into the blood stream and then into the baby that is growing inside the mother. It is important to eat healthily and consistently, tracking your weight gain (normal weight gain is between 25-35 pounds). Dress comfortably, wear comfortable shoes, and get a large bed pillow to hug when you are laying on your side as your belly grows bigger. Write down everything you want in your "ideal birth" so that you can create a Birth Plan. Educate your self on the changes your body will be going through and different ways women give birth and manage pain during labor. Limit caffeine, avoid alcohol and cigarettes, get plenty of sleep, stretch before you sleep, and take pictures of your journey as a mother. This is the best time to nurture yourself and Love yourself as the vessel growing life. The better you feel, the less stress you hold, the more the baby will benefit. This is a sacred time of nurturing and growing into motherhood. Enjoy the process and know that everything in life is so temporary. All things we Love require sacrifice, and this is the greatest sacrifice for another living being.

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