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Regeneration & The Courage To Change...

The 30th week of the year brings the vibration of Jupiter and the archetype of The Empress. We have a beautiful Full Buck Moon on Friday, and all signs point toward our strength to feel empowered over any struggles we have been experiencing in order to create a new and more rewarding reality. Our minds create new opportunities by making space for our dreams to have wings. In our down time and the moments we are alone in meditation, we receive the inspiration to then act upon in our time of work and creation. This week provides the strength to confidently rise above oppression, feeling undervalued, or beliefs of lack of strength to manifest the inner dream. It is a week of positive change, and the ability to allow the old "antlers" of the past to fall off in order for the new ones to grow in. We cannot complain about our lives when we have not made the space needed for our dreams to germinate and take root. It is in the little steps of each moon cycle that we are presented with the idea of change, and our participation in the natural flow of the cycles of life. There is nothing that lasts forever, and like death, there is no reason to look at change as a bad thing when it can be something to celebrate. Little changes are opportunities for bigger transformation. Attachment to the past will keep us stagnant and not growing. Letting go of what was - in order to create what will be - is the natural rhythm and flow of the cosmos. Even a flowing river continuously changes from one moment to the next. Everything evolves, and by participating in the natural evolution of cycles, we can manifest great blessings for our lives.

We are living in the Age of Air... the Age of the Heart... or the Age of Love. These three things are all interconnected as one and the same thing. They are all correlated to the chest, which is the physical representation of the Astral World. Dis-ease in this Age is Astral, meaning that it is unseen and occupies our space. It has to do with the terrestrial air that we share with one another and other living species on our planet. Due to continuous separation of humanity from itself and nature, HUmans have become less tolerant to one another and our differences. The thought frequencies that we have been emitting holds a vibratory rate that matches the vibration of certain virus' and bacteria. As we raise our consciousness to realize our oneness and common good, we rise above the disturbances that can kill us. Every time we practice intolerance, impatience, and negativity, we lower our frequencies to match the vibration of dis-ease. This is a time where breath work, meditation, healthy eating, exercising, and practicing kindness are the ingredients to the greatest medicine on the planet. Tolerance, compassion, and Loving unconditionally is what completely clears deadly virus' from our waking consciousness. Living from a place of goodness amplifies the goodness we experience externally. We feed off of each other, affect each other, and respond to one another. We are completely interconnected with each other and all living beings on the Earth. The higher the quality of our thoughts, the higher we raise the overall energy in our lives. We can stop manifesting deadly virus' when we understand how our differences make us stronger and better. When we take a stand for grace and Divine Truth, we heal the past, and we create a flow for blessings to wash over our lives. We are co-creating our physical reality and evolving together. When we are done living in one frequency, we have the opportunity to make a change. Realizing this is a parachute to personal freedom, and the ultimate liberation. Individually and collectively, we can end the struggle we have experienced for so many years. It all starts in the mind, our personal lives, and our relationships to others and the Earth. Together we weave this reality into our subconscious mind, and then we get to experience it over and over again. What is the pattern that we have chosen to weave? Is it capable of growing with us for the years to come?

In this Full Moon, be like the Buck and allow the old antlers to shed. It is time to create a new antenna to speak to the higher world to in a more efficient and effective way. New growth, new beginnings, and a brand new future is awaiting with infinite potential to bless and heal all imbalances and disharmonies. Embrace each mini shift as a building block creating a platform for the gifts that you have always wanted and dreamt about. There has never been a better time to live our Truth and manifest a more Loving and Peaceful world for all. We can do it now, and we have the power to manifest it all. Just Believe, and We Will Achieve!

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