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Rising Above Our Fears

The mind is a Divine tool that we have been given to create our lives. It is filled with thoughts that have been influenced by our karmic history and present-day reality. Inside of the vastness of the mind dwells our highest hopes, deepest fears, and everything in between. We can create the space in our day to fill our minds with Hope and envision all of our greatest dreams coming to fruition. We can also find many things in each moment to trigger a fear reflex that can debilitate us into a frozen state of consciousness. Fear on a healthy level is good because it keeps us from doing things to harm ourselves. However, looking at different phobias, there are an abundance of things ranging from a fear of heights to a fear of one's toaster oven that stop people from being able to live a happy life. As a human-kind, we have become very vulnerable and fragile to the environment around us. Experts say that this has evolved from a lifestyle of stress and anxiety that stems from our ability to fulfill our needs on a day to day basis. With the human lifestyle centering around consuming, we have somehow moved away from the security of living off of the land around us, and there is now a need to acquire "things" to improve our way of living. Fears also birth out of an unhealthy identity of self. When we see ourselves as one with all life, we move into a mindset of interconnectedness that results in thinking outside of selfishness and more in alignment with the greater good. When we see ourselves as separate or superior, then fear of the "other side" is born. We see this manifesting in our current government system of two sides. Matters move back and forth between the two parties, and it separates by causing fighting between the two sides. No one wins in the end.

There have been many psychologists and spiritual leaders that have addressed the idea of letting go of fear so that Love can manifest. The best advice has been summed up into three steps:

#1: Become the master of your own mind. This means that by using tools like breath and sound to clear negativity, we can develop a neutral mind. The breath is the "King of the Mind". Choosing to only expose your mind to that which is helpful and healing instead of that which creates fear, doubt, and worry is the key to maintaining a positive mental attitude. Creating vision boards, reading positive and inspiring literature, and listening to uplifting words and sounds support a healthy and happy mind.

#2: Let go of the past and stop worrying about the future. Fears come from not being present. Our past may have stories of pain or discomfort that we may fear will repeat again in the future. We will never know what the future holds because we are creating it now. The best way to ensure a wonderful future is to stay present.

#3: Live Your Best Life! Go for it. You have this one life in this body suit with this mind and this heart, so make the very best of it. Wake up every day with the intention to be better. Never fear failure and never give up on what you believe in. Take leaps of faith, be daring, and get comfortable being vulnerable. Live your truth and follow your heart. You are important, you are valuable, and you are needed on the planet to be yourself.

By working on these three things each day, we can move away from that which creates fear and move closer to that which invokes unconditional Love. We can literally shift our physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental health, as well as our relationships with others when we can find healthy ways to relate to our fears. Since we are the ones creating them, we have the responsibility to care for them. Pay attention to them, breathe into them, and choose to let them go and take a leap of faith when confronted with the choice. Love the self and take the energy and time to find what brings you peace.

"The mind is a garden, and thoughts are the seeds. We can grow flowers or we can grow weeds."

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