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December brings blessings rare & unique,

Positive energy is what all of us seek.

A conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn,

Helping us to create a brand new pattern.

Zero degrees in Aquarius,

Big changes seem so precarious.

The old foundation is breaking apart,

In order for us to have a fresh new start.

Exploring the uncharted areas of change,

Bargaining with Creator for an exchange.

This vibration that's manifesting planetarily,

Is the Earth going through its therapy.

Realigning for the best choices for all,

Rising out of the ash of the great fall.

Setting a framework for working together,

New ideas arising that are quite clever.

Technology and advancements in science,

A society that is no longer in compliance.

Each HUman voicing Truth and concern,

Sustainability becomes the business return.

Rearranging our ideals and old visions,

Seeing the bigger picture in every decision.

This is a brand new era and it is here now,

Honoring life and to the heart we bow.

Saturn creates the structure and foundation,

Jupiter expands the Light to all of creation.

As one we rise and explore new ground,

Speaking up for Love with cosmic sound.

We are here to witness ourselves in change,

Learning wisdom that once seemed strange.

Growing and expanding to become so vast,

Healing and working through all of the past.

Present in Love with eyes open to see,

Claiming what we all desire to be.

A time to be Love and share Love so free,

Like the wisdom from an old Oak Tree.

Embrace this time in our history,

To many, this time is a mystery.

All at once we find ourselves shifting,

We need to be more positive and uplifting.

We will learn from the stars and the galaxy,

We are meant to shine bright as a family!

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