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Speak Love & Raise the Vibes...

This week is the 50th week of the year (5 + 0 = 5), and 5 represents The Hierophant in the major arcana of the tarot, and the planetary influence of Mercury. Mercury teaches about the power of the Word, harmonizing the elements, and returning to our state of Divine perfection. The Hierophant shares with us the importance of our Word and how it can be used to bridge the connection between humanity and Divinity. It is truly our choice to decide the quality of speech we wish to share with the Universe, as our Word resonates for eternity once uttered. It is our choice to shift the reality around us with our speech, or to remain still in the old story and acceptance of the patterns that have continued for generations.

We are the narrators of our collective story. What we speak about, write about, listen to, and focus on becomes who we are and what the fabric of our existence is made of. It is so easy to repeat the stories we hear around us that trigger us or bring up the pain body experience of karma. The challenge is to remain silent until what we need to say can help or impact another being in a positive and healing way. With millions of thoughts being processed per minute, it is easy to get stuck in the mind, in judgement, or in fear of the unknown. The Word is frequency. It is vibration. This energetic, yet physical, vibration of the Word is how we share our collective ideas of our current reality. It is how we co-create new ideas into reality. Our Words have so much power to unite us and create peaceful solutions to age-old problems. At the same time, the Word can destroy, separate, and deny goodness to those who listen to it. This kind of power is only increasing as our consciousness expands more and more, and therefore, we hold much more responsibility to choose our Words more wisely. We are in a time where sound and frequency are the topics to explore deeper in order to move toward an expanded consciousness. Vibrational healing is what is going to carry us through the Aquarian Age.