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Speak Love & Raise the Vibes...

This week is the 50th week of the year (5 + 0 = 5), and 5 represents The Hierophant in the major arcana of the tarot, and the planetary influence of Mercury. Mercury teaches about the power of the Word, harmonizing the elements, and returning to our state of Divine perfection. The Hierophant shares with us the importance of our Word and how it can be used to bridge the connection between humanity and Divinity. It is truly our choice to decide the quality of speech we wish to share with the Universe, as our Word resonates for eternity once uttered. It is our choice to shift the reality around us with our speech, or to remain still in the old story and acceptance of the patterns that have continued for generations.

We are the narrators of our collective story. What we speak about, write about, listen to, and focus on becomes who we are and what the fabric of our existence is made of. It is so easy to repeat the stories we hear around us that trigger us or bring up the pain body experience of karma. The challenge is to remain silent until what we need to say can help or impact another being in a positive and healing way. With millions of thoughts being processed per minute, it is easy to get stuck in the mind, in judgement, or in fear of the unknown. The Word is frequency. It is vibration. This energetic, yet physical, vibration of the Word is how we share our collective ideas of our current reality. It is how we co-create new ideas into reality. Our Words have so much power to unite us and create peaceful solutions to age-old problems. At the same time, the Word can destroy, separate, and deny goodness to those who listen to it. This kind of power is only increasing as our consciousness expands more and more, and therefore, we hold much more responsibility to choose our Words more wisely. We are in a time where sound and frequency are the topics to explore deeper in order to move toward an expanded consciousness. Vibrational healing is what is going to carry us through the Aquarian Age.

Think about what you talk about every day. Do you participate in bashing another human being, even if you really believe that person deserves it? If a person appears in your reality, then there is a part of them that is in you. Since you create your reality from your mind, then you have manifested this person in order to learn, grow, and expand in consciousness from the experience. Instead of harming yourself by using the Word to bash someone else, take a productive step of finding harmony within yourself when you are in that person's presence. They are great teachers that trigger the instinct to create more karma. By resisting the impulse, we are actually burning karma and detaching from that old story and from negative speech. We have an opportunity each day to clear the ancestral destructive patterns. We have the power to create the dream reality that we have held in our hearts since we were children. In this Age of Truth, we can relieve suffering through productive communication when we all find ways to work together and accept our differences.

Use your word each day as a virtue of kindness, compassion, oneness, and acceptance. The hardest thing to do sometimes is the "right" thing, and the most righteous energy we can align with is Love. Filter the mind, reprogram the speech, and uplift and unite energies with your vibratory resonance. The most powerful bridge between the head and the heart finds itself in a narrow pathway with very delicate tissues that resonate through vibration in order for us to express ourselves and have a voice unlike any other living being on the planet. Think about ancient trees, animals, and the smallest insects that each have their own distinct ways of communicating with the world around them. We have a power that is so complex and advanced that we have been able to make choices for other living beings that do not communicate the same way. If an ancient tree, an animal, or a small insect had that power over us, what would happen to us? Be grateful for the gifts that make us who we are, and use those gifts to promote more peace, more grace, and more Love on Earth. Think of others when speaking your Truth. Use your voice to stand up for the living beings that don't have that same power. Your Word is your essence. Keep spreading the good vibes wherever you go. You might just help someone to see the best in themselves and learn something about yourself in the process.

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