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Spiritual Grace

The impossible arrives as a goal in sight,

The paradox comes in letting go of the fight.

Instead of pushing and trying to create change,

Prayer and positive thoughts begin to rearrange.

Faith is a gift that presents clear justice,

Illuminating what is right and making it lustrous.

Engaging in struggle pushes the good out,

Making us suffer and causing more doubt.

Letting the rope go and allowing things to be,

Can sometimes open new eyes that can truly see.

The Universe, angels, guides, time and space,

Create optimal conditions for goodness to take place.

Much like how nature flows without pushing,

Guided by the Love that our hearts are cooking.

The joy, optimism and courage to be authentic,

Pulls in blessings like an energetic magnet.

No one in the Universe can take what is yours,

Things work out right even where there are detours.

Trusting in the guidance and support that's being given,

Keeping the heart clear of blocks and following the vision.

This Earth school has a greater Divine plan,

Remember the magic of creation from where all of this began.

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