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TCG Mantra of the Month: Gobinday Hari...

Mantra & Meaning:

Gobinday Gobinday

Hari Hari

Har Bhajan Har Bhajan Har Bhajan


God, The Sustainer and Supporter of All

God, The Fresh, Beautiful, Potent Healing Energy

That Inherently Exists Within Each Of Us.

Hymns of Devotional Song We Sing To The

Infinite Creative Consciousness

Gobinday is the Sustaining force of the Creative Consciousness. This vibration manifests the support we need from the Universe in order to rise higher. Chanting Gobinday takes us into our hearts where we have total security, support, and endless Love, as well as the ability to tap into the higher forces of the Universe. Hari is the name of the Creative Consciousness within, and the destroyer of limitations, blocks, and pain of the past. Hari is a great mantra of manifestation, allowing the self-healing and manifesting forces to attract everything we need to live our best lives. As we release the self-limiting energies, negativity, and past traumas, we open ourselves to all of the blessings that this lifetime has to offer us. Bhajans are devotional prayers sung in honor of the Light. Through repetition, we chant Bhajans to connect to the Creative Consciousness in gratitude and Love. Chant this mantra daily for healing, devotion, and manifesting one's highest dreams with the Loving support of the Universal Creative Consciousness.

Gobinday Hari is on the Sat Naamaste Album


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