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The Crowning of This Life - Keeping A Positive Mindset...

This physical incarnation is such a blessing and a paradox at the same time. Instead of trying to figure it out, we have to ride it like a cosmic ship in the middle of the Universe. There is no roadmap or right way to live it, but there is a path that allows us to feel more in tune with a part of ourselves that we cannot see. That path is not led astray by sparkling physical distractions or temptations, but is determined to be better, do better, and create space for more Love to manifest. Deep inside, this is what all living beings want more of - more Truth, more Love, and more Wisdom. How do we find our way back to the all-knowing part of ourselves when things feel challenging or helpless? We have to create a positive state of mind with peaceful emotions that remain neutral and balanced. How we feel not only determines our mood, but it is the deciding factor on the choices we make that can positively or negatively affect ourselves and everything around us. Our words alone move the stars in our solar system. Being a part of the whole means that everything we do, say, and feel is affecting all that exists. Our responsibility to be the best versions of ourselves in the ultimate answer to all of the global problems we currently face. We are blessed with a time and space where we can wake up to our part, humble up, and make the choice to create a positive change in ourselves that results in healing energy for all life. That is true power.

How does the mind stray away from positivity? What is the seed of that manifestation? We have a blueprint that we come into this world with that forms our patterns, behaviors, speech and mindset. It is an inner system that has been created from lifetimes of soul experiences and the energies we incarnated with and have learned from since we were born. It is so deep, that unless we are connected to our subconscious mind, we don't even know that it exists. As humans in this incarnation, we come from a species of beings that has the capability to awaken to higher Truths. It is that part of ourselves that has to be consciously activated and worked on, but it is available to us as a roadmap in a reality that is 90% unseen. As we awaken the higher faculties within, we have more wisdom revealed to us. This all comes at a cost, as raising one's consciousness is something that has to be earned. However, once it has been learned, no one can take it away.

Imagine being the type of human that sees the Love and the higher purpose in everything that manifests in the physical world. Imagine being a person that can extract the good out of just about anything. We all have that ability to be anything we work toward being. The gift is to be able to understand the greater workings of the Universe, so that we are never pulled out of our center when we perceive something as wrong. To be void of right or wrong, and to be moral and have integrity at the same time, is true freedom. This is the blessing of being able to see that the challenge in front of us is simply a stepping stone to what we truly want. The Universe is actually on our side and conspiring for our greatest and highest good. Life is a precious gift and a blessing, and there is nothing we can do to ruin it because no matter what - we are learning and growing. Let go and leave behind the false belief that something is wrong with life or with the process that we currently find ourselves in. Embrace the Truth that everything that is happening is manifesting for a greater purpose and is all on purpose. There are no mistakes in the Universe. It is time to embrace this life in a way that we have never experienced before. It is time to truly BE... Love.

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