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From the same seed of ancestral creation,

Common ground has been our primary foundation.

Cooperation and compassion kept us all together,

Until our skin color was affected by the weather.

The continents divided and the population grew,

Financials, politics, and family came through.

"Us" become a select group we accepted in our hearts,

"Them" was a perception of separation from the start.

Each of us has been on both sides of the fence,

Being part of the "us" or the "them" in defense.

Our eyes are the windows of our souls,

Looking through our perceptions and brain control.

We can see through duality with Divine eyes,

That we have more in common and can be great allies.

Or we can choose to pick each other apart,

Following the mind and moving away from the heart.

Society reflects our daily choices, thoughts, and feelings,

Our soul Light records our every day dealings.

Whether it is in this lifetime or the next,

We will see the causes in all of the effects.

Choosing Loving eyes to see humanity,

Recognizing pain, suffering, and insanity.

Putting the self in the shoes of all beings of creation,

Knowing space and time cannot separate a nation.

Feeling the breath in the trees and plants and animals,

Acting from the soul with Love and not mechanical.

Slowing down enough to appreciate the diversity,

Working hard to unite no matter what the adversity.

Not running off cliffs in groups like a lemming,

No more shaming, blaming, "us" or "them-ing".

These are times of togetherness and joining back as one,

The Age of Love is here to open hearts and to overcome!

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