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Trust The Universe

It is a New Moon in Pisces, and this water sign is interested in our dreams and inner visions. There have been a lot of challenges, and things have been up in the air, flying with uncertainty and confusion. This New Moon signifies a shift into creating from a place of faith and trust.

The Pisces Power is even more deep in this cycle because of the stellium of planets in the sign. The Sun, Moon, Jupiter, and Neptune all line up for this powerful New Moon, and the flow of gifts and blessings is abundant. Pisces teaches us to be kind, empathetic, compassionate, and Loving to the self and others. The inner intuit will feel extra psychic this week, and dreams will be prophetic of what is to come. This is the perfect time to start something new in work, relationships, home, or a special project. Health, finances, and joy all have the ability to improve when they are nurtured. Pick what you are most passionate about, and water that seed into manifestation. The Universe is backing all endeavors that help make the world a better place.

Whatever your struggles may be, they will always meet us at the point of resistance. When we push to make something happen, then we are creating resistance. As a Law of Nature, our push toward a particular "problem" causes the same resistance to boomerang back. The answer to manifesting something we really want to happen is to completely let go of it and all perceived control of it. When something is in our highest and greatest good, then it can never be taken from us. We have to live with a heart filled with Faith with the desire to be free. The boundaries of our freedom come in the form of our fears. Let go of the chain that connects fear and worry to the heart, and watch the magic happen. Trust... the Universe has our back!

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