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Turning A New Leaf...

Every period brings a new lesson,

Addressing a deeper, inner question.

Am I really where I need to be?

Am I living my greatest destiny?

The inner reflection of the past year,

Was an opportunity to address any fear.

The time now comes to judge the past,

What is working and will truly last?

Where's my heart and what is calling?

Inner spirit's guidance is still installing.

Wherever I was and whatever happened,

The past is the past; the future is imagined.

It's a New Moon with new opportunity,

Passions, desires, and actions all in unity.

Excited for what the future will bring,

Celebrating life, it is the time to sing.

Grateful for the ideas that guide the way,

Thankful for new opportunities every day.

Spirit and soul are in sync and together,

This journey is uncovered like a treasure.

With Faith and hard work, all is possible,

Good intentions with Love are unstoppable.

The blessings amount to a grand fortune,

Goodness is present in great proportion.

It's important to remember change is good,

The past starts to become more understood.

Healing frustration, anger, and grief,

The time is NOW to turn a new leaf.

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