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Unify & Come Together In Love

Take a deep breath and move into the heart space. What do you find there? Certainly not fear or division. When the heart is open, healed, and balanced, there is no hatred to project. So where is all of the division coming from in our country and the world? It is the projection of the pains in the hearts of so many who have not been able to heal. The reflection of fighting and chaos that we see in our society today shows us where our work must begin. Our political polarities have gotten personal. We have even had friends and family members pull away from us because we do not share the same beliefs. The truth is that no ones has ever agreed 100% with everyone in the world - ever. The beauty of disagreeing with one another are the conversations that arise when we hold space to listen to one another and our different views without taking it so personally. It is also the humility of knowing that none of us have all of the answers. As there are trillions of stars in the sky, there are that many different ways to view the same reality. How could we possibly all agree? Can we find a way to embrace our differences instead of trying to get rid of them? We are here on Earth to find new ways to live together in harmony with the planet and all species. This selfish way of living has manifested in us torturing and killing animals, humans, and ourselves over time. This is not constructive, it is destructive. Looking back at history, we need to learn from the past and not make the same mistakes as the humans that lived before us. We have learned about this struggle before, and as it loops around again, how will we respond?

It is the 43rd week of the year, and this adds up to be a 7. Seven is the archetype of The Chariot and our ability to tame the dualities of the mind and direct our energy toward Love. We are faced with choices in every moment to expand in Love or be devoured by fear. The two cannot exist together, as they are opposites of one another. What is consuming your mind and your thoughts? Are these thoughts amplifying your ability to be a better and more Loving, or are they causing more duality and division?

We are making choices for our destiny, but where are these decisions coming from? The source of our decisions presents the karmic energy behind it. Are we making choices based on the greatest good, or are we motivated by an external factor? When we make a choice based on proving something to someone or to appease the ego