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Union of Heart & Soul...

With everything in the world shifting,

It is important to keep uplifting.

Remembering the soul's purpose,

Instead of engaging in the circus.

Finding union with the soul,

Manifests a being that's whole.

Acknowledging the God-source within,

Is where health and happiness begin.

Expressing Truth, staying authentic,

Living joyfully through a pandemic.

Self-Love reflecting from the heart,

When listening inside and living the part.

This journey's not a contest or game,

Learning something differently, the same.

Love is flowing through everything,

Accepting the message that it brings.

Loving enough to be true and righteous,

Without subconsciously starting a crisis.

To be in harmony with this lifetime,

Understand the paradox in the paradigm.

Live the passions that make the heart sing,

In order to fly, one must open those wings.

Happiness breeds health and harmony,

Facing life with courage so fearlessly.

There's one lifetime in this human suit,

Life's too short, there's no dispute.

So live it fully and completely,

Enjoying the fruits that bear so sweetly.

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