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Universal Jupiter Period: October 15th - December 5th

The Universal Jupiter Period is a lucky 52-day cycle that brings spiritual and material abundance. Jupiter is considered the "Lord of Lords" and brings good fortune and expansion in all forms. This is a powerful period to take risks, jump into your dreams with a big leap forward, and to just go for it! Jupiter supports you in taking trips to far off lands, eating exotic foods, and being ambitious in your goals and actions. Start a new meditation practice, and connect to the gold in your heart. Jupiter will help to lift your spirits and shine blessings upon you so that you can serve humanity with your cup full.

Success, good health, abundance, happiness, and justice all follow the path of Jupiter. This is a time to settle legal matters, make investments, and to start a charity to help your brothers and sisters around the world or to the Earth itself. Start a new job or career, purchase your dream home, or go on that vacation that you have been putting off for so long. Treat yourself to the joyful blessings that Jupiter bestows you at this time.

Be aware of the foods you choose to eat during this period. Bring in good health and a happy belly with local fruits and vegetables. Jupiter tends to gift a healthy appetite for all kinds of foods. As long as you bring positive intentions and love into what you prepare to eat, you will be in balance and your digestive system will be happy.

Call upon Archangel Tsadkiel, the Justice of God, to help bring in good fortune. Tsadkiel is the Archangel of freedom, benevolence, and mercy. He will support all who wish to forgive and show more compassion in their lives. Archangel Tsadkiel helps us to discover the divine within us all, allowing us to see beyond the physical reality, and bringing in clarity through the realization of the blessings in all of our experiences. When we bring healing to all of the pain we have suffered and we forgive, we have an open heart to realize the joy in the journey that we have been gifted in this lifetime. Receive the unconditional Love, guidance, and assistance when you call upon Archangel Tsadkiel.


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