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Weekly Insights: Accept It - Life Is Amazing...

The Universe has such a unique way of teaching each of us. All of the sudden, we find ourselves responding to ourselves. Those things that we said we didn't want to be, those energies we said we would never give into... the world feels the pulse and then challenges us to be better. One day, we realize that what we were seeking for so long was right there in front of our eyes. We only needed to accept it - fully and completely. Each of us is a miracle, here to create miracles. Some say they don't exist, but life teaches that they are everywhere and within everything. Never give up on a dream or think that you aren't good enough to manifest it. It is the great lie that some of us indulge in. Instead, see what you want, feel how it will bless others, and keep that dream alive inside of your mind until it happens....and it will. Each of us has a great power to affect this reality in a beautiful and amazing way. Instead of fearing this selfless offering, embrace it. It provides the key to the door of your biggest and most amazing dreams. Nothing is impossible. All you have to do is believe.


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