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Weekly Insights: Aging Into Happiness...

The ability to live long and healthy lives is each of our birthright. Life is not easy, and each of us has a story of our personal triumphs over challenges. The key to it all is that we never gave up following the heart. There is a Latin Proverb that states that "Happiness is a continuation of happenings which are not resisted." The less we ache and complain about our daily lives, the happier we are. If our goal is to be happy, then why would we stay in something just to stay, if it doesn't bring us happiness? There are tests and trials all throughout our lives that offer us opportunities to fight for our happiness and to let go of the things that weigh us down - which will inevitably end the aches and complaints. The question is not if it is possible to be happy, but instead if we have the will power to fight for it.

Personally speaking, fighting for our happiness was and is one of the most challenging things to do with some of the greatest rewards that could ever be possible. This makes sense. If it were easy, then there wouldn't be so many therapies helping people cope with their unhappiness because everyone would be happy. When we speak of eternal happiness, we are not talking about perfection. Life will always have ups and downs, but it is in the big things like our relationships, careers, spiritual lives, and families that offer the ability to own our personal happiness by choosing self-Love, respect, and honor.

Happiness and harmony go hand in hand. That is why people are usually happiest in nature. Nature is the greatest mentor in learning how to find harmony. When we are hanging out in nature, we feel complete, grounded, plugged in, and uplifted. It feeds our souls and uplifts our hearts. It reminds us of who we really are and how we are part of the entire universe, which gives meaning and purpose. Most happy people spend a lot of time in nature. They also hold appropriate boundaries. Boundaries offer great happiness because a lot of people are unhappy about the power they surrender to those who don't respect or care about it. Owning your power and how you use it is key in feeling happy. Movement of some kind, whether it be walking, swimming, exercise classes, stretching, or dancing, helps release chemicals in the brain that support happiness. Daily gratitude prayers or journals, listening to our favorite music, being creative, finding ways to give back to people, and causes that matter the most to us, all give life so much meaning that result in happiness and joy. One of the most important things we can do is to take breaks from technology, Love ourselves much more, practice self-compassion, and stop chasing happiness. When we follow the path of Love, then more Loving experiences and situations are provided by the universe. It is important to remember that we are magnets to what we think about every day. The greatest life lesson has been in choosing where to give energy and where to cut it loose, only feeding what we want to grow. Choosing our battles, like when to continue in a cycle and when to jump out, can be the difference between peace and struggle. Living a life of our own dreams instead of what others tell us to do, and living each day to the fullest by doing what we Love and Loving what we do, will all support happiness.

There is not one regret in life so far. All of the successes and all of the failures, all of the kind family and friends, as well as the abusers and advantage takers, everything has made life the amazing ride it has been up to this point. There is only gratitude for the life story, memories, and the amazing times of being in this incarnation. As imperfect and flawed that this life truly is, it is a beautiful thing. May we each live loud, live big, and live true to form. We only have to be ourselves to be successful in life. Choose Love and Be Happy - it is what we were born to do!

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