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Weekly Insights: Believe It or Not?...

There is a supply for every demand. All things unfold through the power of our belief that it will in fact manifest. We use our thoughts to create the foundation of the belief, and we water that foundations with our words. What we say about our lack or abundance, our health or illness, and our happiness or misery becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. So why then you ask, don't we win the lottery or find our soul mate after saying that it is happening with our words? Because the last and final ingredient to making it all work is our Faith that it will. In Faith we surrender to the flow. In Faith we don't try to make something happen or force anything. In Faith we "let go let God". With a clear vision, organized actions toward that vision, speaking the words that support the vision, and unshakable Faith, there is really nothing that cannot be achieved. How often do you find yourself ready to manifest, but out of fear you put yourself down or talk about how difficult it is going to be? How many times do you find yourself pushing hard to make something happen when all signs are saying it is not the right time? It is good to work hard toward our goals and dreams, but it can be a curse when we try and push something that is not wanting to go our way. Through discernment, we can know the difference.

If we really believe there isn't enough, then there won't be. If we think that something is too hard, then it will be. The doubting mind is just as powerful as the Faithful mind. The Universe is always listening. Our inner reality is manifested over time. Fear is our greatest enemy. A lot of us are right about to create our greatest dreams, but then fear comes in and squashes it down. The times that we overcome our greatest fears and move toward our dreams even though we are scared and not sure if it will work out, are the times that everything comes together. All good things are already here, they are just waiting for us to recognize them on the physical plane.

One of the secrets of the natural world states that when we acknowledge that we already have the thing we are manifesting in our lives, then by saying thank you for it, we will draw it in when it is in the highest good. Keep speaking each dream into reality. Embody them as though they have already manifested. Thank your angels and the Heavens for blessing you with these gifts. Own that you have created the dream life you have always wanted, and have Faith that your actions, words, and intentions will get you there... and THEY WILL!


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