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Weekly Insights: Choosing Action Over Defeat...

The Fall leaves are wonderful reminders of change and transformation. They hold the stories of the past season and all of the memories that come with them. Some seasons are tougher than others, causing us to feel unsure or develop fear. There are times in every living being's life that bring suffering, loneliness, disappointment, betrayal, sadness, depression, or illness. It is part of the human experience, but it doesn't have to define who we are. One situation can run marathon in the mind, causing more pain than necessary. Those thoughts lead to emotional responses from the feelings that they bring. Every emotional response defines a behavior that forms from it. Some of these behaviors are more damaging than the initial situation that brought them on. It is our choice to pull in the reigns and not allow them to become bigger monsters than they need to be. Each lesson is just that... a lesson. It is not a prison sentence, unless we give it the power to be that. Each of us holds that power over our own lives.

This life is happening on our own watch. We are both the observers and the experiencers. We have an opportunity to receive every lesson with an open heart, mind, and spirit. When we hold intentions to write our own life stories, we take on the responsibility to take a few steps back and see life from a broader perspective. If we don't do this, then we are jumping into the tornado and can never see both sides, but instead experience the suffering and loss of personal control. We may not be able to predict how different life experiences will affect us mentally and emotionally, but we will always have a choice to act or react to them. Every moment is an opportunity to rewrite the story or start over again. It is never too late and we are never finished until our last breath is taken. This gift of life is not limited unless we believe it is, as we will always have options to accept our realities or reject them. Acceptance, responsibility, faith, trust, and Love are all our allies, and even the worst forms of suffering hold Light to extract and lessons to learn.

This new month is a new beginning with the Universal Jupiter Period expanding our opportunities, luck, and support. Never doubt or give up, but instead, keep dreaming and believing. With our intentions and actions toward our greatest and highest dreams, and by asking our angels and guides to helps us get there, truly, all things are possible. Just BELIEVE!


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