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Weekly Insights: Forward & Ahead We Grow...

We are living in powerful times of realization and awakening, and the most important awakening is the one that happens inside. In a dualistic world, we can only fully comprehend why things are the way they are with our own self-awareness. Our outer realities only exist because they live inside of us. But do we truly understand how this manifests in our daily lives? Every pattern we see woven into our lives has been attracted to us by our frequency. This is a superpower and not a weakness, because when we know that we create our own reality, then we can start to manifest what we truly want.

Sometimes we are not aware that we are holding on to a sabotaging belief or feeling. Other times we see our thoughts and feelings as righteous when maybe we have a slanted view of what is actually real. So how do we know if we are thinking and feeling harmoniously? Looking at our current state of health, relationships with others, and success in the goals we have set throughout our lives, we can see if our inner world is matching what we are creating on the outside. Reality will always reflect the inner self, so our job is to know and understand who we are inside. In this process of self-awareness, there is no time or need to focus on anyone else's faults or problems because that is their job. Taking the time trying to convince others of your truth is one of the biggest wastes of time that we humans engage in. When we do our work to keep our hearts clear of hatred, anger, resentment, guilt, shame, blame, and fear, then Light pours through our lives with ease. The more we hold on to these heavy emotions, the less the flow of energy we see in our lives. The greater understanding lies in the knowing that nothing "happens" to any of us. We are co-creators of what we see, hear, feel, and experience in our daily lives.

This is the year to manifest harmony. Now is the time to empower ourselves the take the reins of our energetic vehicles and guide ourselves to our own good. We are both the alpha and the omega of our personal happiness and freedom. The days of no accountability are long gone when it comes to living our best lives. To make this world a better place, it has to start in the home. Our personal lives are sometimes the most challenging areas, and that is why we might seek to help others instead of ourselves. If we see the world as hostile and evil, then more evidence will come in to prove that right. If we see people doing their best and hold compassion for everyone, that same compassion will be given back when needed. This is the very reason why it is said that the spiritual and physical worlds are no different. To spiritualize matter is to bring awareness to who we are deep inside and restore balance, harmony, and flow through the power of Love. A higher perspective on our inner beliefs can completely change reality as we know it. Everything begins and ends with the self. Our job is to simply BE. Be creative. Be Loving. Be who we are. Just BE.

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