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Weekly Insights: Happy Springing

There is a seed sprouting inside of each of us that has had its time to be nourished by the soil and the foundation of our roots in order to be ready to germinate. Each of us is inspired to start anew and create with the support of the Light that guides us.

The word Equinox comes from the Latin words "aequus" for equal and "nox" to mean night. It is the significance of the balance between Light and dark. We have an abundance of energy to draw from this season, and the power of the life force helps us manifest our new and passionate dreams. Just like a baby being born, this new year brings a fresh perspective that ignites a new beginning, and eyes that can see the world in a new way for the 'very first time'. With the purity of innocence, we have to ask ourselves what we want to do while we still have time here on the Earth. What is the meaning of our lives and where are we directing them? Who are we in this world?

Aries, the astrological sign during the Spring Equinox, brings the energy of child-like joy, boldness, and independence. It is a fire sign that has an active energy that inspires us to be unstoppable. With all of this power at the tips of our fingers, how do we wish to direct our personal vibration? It is the best time to stay positive and have patience with where we are now and where we are headed. The inner child has the green light to shine and and sparkle in joy. What makes you giggle with excitement and happiness? Do more of that and find ways to use that inner joy to help others. Good energy is contagious and fire spreads quickly, so let your heart cook your fears with Love and expand your prayers with Faith. Good things are happening and new beginnings are birthing. Take time to be grateful for what you Love and take action toward something you would Love to grow. This is a magical season that supports all of our dreams in manifesting now.

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