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Weekly Insights: Healing in The Lunar Eclipse...

This is the last and final eclipse of 2023, and this Lunar Eclipse addresses our self-value, personal power, and life cycle patterns. We have each had to make decisions on who and what we surround ourselves with, and what we have allowed in our lives. Anything that has come from our personal decisions is our own creation, and therefore, we have to deal with the effects that have manifested. Some of our decisions have birthed great rewards, and others have created more problems for us than good. Eclipse season helps us energetically cut out the little problems in order to restore balance once again. Ruled by Venus, Taurus rides this eclipse to address relationships with both ourselves and with others. Do the people we surround ourselves with support our growth and expansion, or do they hold us back from our true expression? Are there abusive or imbalanced interactions that need addressing? Taurus also connects us to the Earth and the material plane. Our financial security, safety, and connection to the natural world are in question. Perhaps it is a time to make small tweaks in the areas of our ability to create abundance, or maybe it is time to realign ourselves with the energies that help us grow in a healthy, safe, and prosperous environment. Whatever that means to each of us, it is up to us to move toward what is in our greatest and highest good. Scorpio, ruled by Mars brings up our passions, inner strength, focus, intuition, power, and magnetism. Scorpio shares an intense Love for what we are pursuing - whether that be in relationships, career, family harmony, or other. Scorpio shares the gift of persistence, and holds the power to help us create anything we desire. Together with the power of the Lunar Eclipse, the changes we wish for are only one thought and one action away from manifesting. What step can you take today toward your dream life? The Universe is supporting you right now!

Healing is such a deep topic because we can look at it through many different lenses. The big picture teaches us that we hold the power to heal anything in our lives that we have direct control over, like our health, happiness, abundance, and relationships. We decide for ourselves every day which path is right for us, and when we notice that something is not resonating anymore, it is our responsibility to create positive change. Sounds so simple, doesn't it? Then why do so many of us wait until we have a big health scare, until a relationship has broken down to nearly nothing, or until the bank account is completely empty to address it? We want to believe we have made the best choices, we want to believe that we are doing our very best, and we want to believe that other people Love and care about us as much as we do them. Unfortunately, that isn't always the reality. The Truth is not the easiest thing to believe and to deal with when it is not what we are expecting. This is yet another reason why expectations and attachments cause the most pain in our lives. When a cycle is over and it's time to move on, we have to have the strength to face the Truth head on. This is how we cultivate more happiness and joy, and this is how we manifest the life of our dreams. The areas of our lives that we ignore, push away, or decide not to address will always come back to remind us of this choice. Dis-ease can manifest in so many different ways, and it starts inside of us on a deep level. The Truth resonates so strongly because it is the way of the Light. Go toward Truth, and you can never steer yourself wrong. There will be challenges on all roads of life, but the most rewarding, fulfilling, and illuminating path births out of Truth. Live your Truth, and you will be rewarded by your dreams. May your Truth create pathways to the most amazing and gratifying life experiences in health, Love, and expansion! We send best wishes for the most beautiful and amazing Lunar Eclipse Season to all!

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