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Weekly Insights: High Road, High Vibes...

In life, the inherent duality that exists weaves through all areas and aspects of our reality. It is said that with all of the people that we meet in a lifetime, half of them will like us and the other half will not. It is sometimes difficult to swallow, but everyone has friends as well as enemies. As a so called "spiritual" people, how do we navigate through hatred when there are eyes pointing in our direction? There is one road that involves fighting back, reacting, and acting out, and there is another road of silence, forgiveness, and letting go. One path leads to more suffering, while the other path puts out the fire. Which do you find yourself choosing in the heat of the moment?

The high road on land is above the floods that run below. The flood is known as dangerous, and it can pull us down if we are not careful. When we get to high ground, we can relax and know that we are safe from danger. In life, the high road is more challenging to take, but keeps us free from the weight of the pain that the road carries. It is the road that is elevated above the lower paths, and it is a road that guides the soul to peace. When we choose to hold our words in order to stop the cycle of hatred, and forgive and let go in order to move forward in a positive direction, we no longer carry the burden of pain. Some believe that getting revenge causes harm to the abuser, but that is the exact opposite of the truth. Turning away from the fight is walking away from a form of prison. It is a way to move toward the Lighter ways of living life, and a way to live more free.

When someone acts in ill will toward us, we often times say the act is "low". In this "low" space, it is dark, heavy, and dense, much like the depths of the Earth under the soil and away from the Light. It is a space to grow, nurture the heart, and heal. People that intentionally cause other people pain have been deeply hurt themselves. Sometimes they have to go "low" in order to take time to reflect and grow out of their own pain. The ones who are hurt around them have a choice to get pulled down with them, or gently send Love from the Light. The high road is a chance to move on with your life and allow those who need to heal to have their space in darkness. Reacting is only causing the cycle to persist, while bringing you down with it. The next time someone acts hurtfully toward you, take a deep breath and make a decision on whether or not it is worth it to go down into the pain with them. The high road is always an option, even though it isn't necessarily the easiest one. Sometimes the best things for us are the hardest things to do. At least that is one of the lessons life shares. Taking the high road is never about superiority, but rather about healthy boundaries. Allow Jupiter to expand the good and create a wall of Light that serves as a boundary to the darkness. Choose the path that heals, and life will reflect the Light that serves to heal all darkness.

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