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Weekly Insights: Inviting In-Sightings...

What the physical world sees, the spiritual world is blind to. All of our awards and recognitions belong to this life in front of us. The competition we have to "be the best" at something here on Earth is very fleeting. When people treat one another poorly to advance in this physical world, the wise ones call it the Human Race. What the spiritual world sees is often times behind the door of what can be seen physically. We connect to the spiritual world through our inner world. This is why we are transparent to the unseen world and can directly connect through our thoughts and emotions. So therein lies the paradox of life. We race to be the smartest, strongest, fastest, richest, and most powerful in the physical world, but it is all false power if it isn't coming from a place of Love. A kind, humble, compassionate, and harmonious being is not always "seen" by many people. Historically, groups of mystics that would donate food to the poor and healing to the sick would do charity work at night with masks on in order to maintain anonymity. Perhaps this is where the root of "silence is golden" comes from. The true gifts and treasures in life are celebrated in sacredness silence.

Greater than any riches on the Earth is the power of peace. When we have inner peace, we have self-Love. We can sleep at night with inner peace. There is no circulating train of thoughts to mull over, or inner conflict to resolve. Peace means that the mind, the heart, and the spirit are all in sync and working together in harmony. As dualistic beings, none of us is perfect. Therefore, when we are not at peace inside, that is the first place to explore in order to bring healing and balance. This entire year challenges us to seek Love in all of our inner spaces of duality. Create inner peace in order to manifest outer peace. Work on the inside of you in order to become so bright that the Light shines through for others to be able to see in the darkest of times. The magic is and has always been created from the inside. Love yourself, and the Universe will reflect that Love right back. Build peace from the inside, and everything will fall into place.

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