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Weekly Insights: Let Go and Let's Go!...

Old life chapters are ending and new beginnings are guiding us into the Fall Season. As a living Tree of Life, each of us has to shed our old, dead leaves in order for new growth and new fruits to manifest. Sometimes the direction we are going can feel scary because it is unknown. But by embracing the journey, oftentimes we realize that the new path has led us to something even bigger than our wildest dreams. If making your biggest dreams come true was easy, then everyone would be living them and not complaining about the stressful lives they have, doing what they really don't Love to do. It is the few that don't settle, don't make excuses, pave their own way, and work hard for a dream that helps themselves and others that are able to push through the barrier. There is a balance between work and play that creates joyful employment, abundance, and success.

A rewarding existence is a reality that we wake up excited to live. When we help other people doing what we are passionate about, there is no need for long vacations. As the Summer months have called the workforce out of the office and into the pool, many dread the day that vacation ends and work or school starts up again. Extremes life shifts throughout the year stresses us out, causes burnout, and wears on the body and the emotions. It is an old American saying that states, "Work hard, play hard". While there is something exciting about this reality, it is the farthest thing from the middle path. Are you living in extremes, or are you able to create balance each and every day as you go along? One answer lives in a world of fear, while the other is self-honoring.

It all boils down to what we have accepted as our beliefs. We can say that we have to do something because there is nothing else available and we could never get better, or we can believe that our talents and hard work will lead us to exactly where we have always wanted to be. This is not just a thing we say to ourselves, but it is embodying this belief while taking steps toward the end results that we desire. Dreams do come true, life is a magical and miraculous place, and there are many blessings available in every moment of every day. When this belief system is embodied, the results will follow over time. This is true for all belief systems, so we can actually see in our current reality if our beliefs match our desires by what we have manifested so far.

Utilize the Mercury Retrograde and the Full Moon energies to break down, destroy, create, and complete what is needed to take a step toward that big goal or dream. It is possible and now is the time.

Let go, and let's go!

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