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Weekly Insights: Love is a Portal to Change the World...

This year on the 8-8 Lion's Gate Portal, I have been meditating a lot on Love, which has brought up the pain in the world as its balance. I can send Love and healing energy all day long, but my mind is having a very hard time wrapping around this one question... What causes humans to hate? This has been a deeper question for me since I watched my first fight as a child that ended in a severed relationship. The obvious answer to this question is our differences. Life is a paradox, and since we come from Oneness, then it makes sense that the physical world would actualize as separation. There are spiritual stories of humans separating from Source with free will, and there are physical stories of people separating over tribalism, or really over any reason at all. We can focus on the "us and them" mentality, or we can focus on our own inner healing. Underneath separation lives power and control. The need to dominate over another being is an age-old power play that comes from stress, anxiety, fear, misinformation, and unhappiness. When we don't tend to our own garden, but instead spend our time looking over the fence to criticize someone else's, then we neglect its wellbeing and it weakens and eventually dies. That is the spirit of hatred. It is projecting personal problems onto those whom we do not understand, who are different than we are, who have wronged us, and/or those who we want to dominate. A world of hatred will consume itself. It is self-destructive because we are extensions of one another. When we hurt another, we are only hurting ourselves. We are continuing in a cycle of darkness that eventually boomerangs right back to us so that we can fully understand the experience physically. As life is a school, it will continue to teach us the hard way until we decide to embrace the only Truth there is... Love. Loving ourselves, one another, and all forms of life is rewarding. It is heart opening, expansive, and infinite. That lesson either comes to us through pain and struggle, or through Faith and acceptance.

Personally speaking, I have hated the abusive people in my life at different times. What I learn from hatred is that it breeds more experiences of hatred. It causes pain and suffering. It serves as a poison to life, eating us up and destroying all that is good and Loving. Even Buddha spoke about it when he said, "Holding onto anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned." Hatred is literally in our own hands. No one else can harbor it for us. Holding on to anger is either going to cause us to act in a destructive manner that could lead to horrible consequences, or it can ruin an entire day of our lives - let alone weeks, months, years, or even decades. Is it really worth the value of a life?

We each have the potential to generate energy. When we choose to be hateful, we are leaning into destructive forces of darkness. These are explosive, intense, extreme, harmful, and heavy. When we choose to listen, keep our hearts and minds open, and forgive, we are leaning into constructive forces of Light. Looking at the world, each of us creates the larger reality together by the choices we make on a daily basis. Choosing to move away from hatred doesn't mean accepting bad behavior. We can choose to forgive and move on in peace. We can find ways to live among one another without having to control or overpower one another. There will always be a yin to the yang, but our response to the duality doesn't have to end in hatred. No human is perfect, and together we can help one another to be better.

We are human, and there may be times where destructive energies feel strong. What we forget is that the fire of our emotions can be transmuted into our passions, life changes, stronger boundaries, and/or creative projects. When anger, rage, or hatred comes up inside, do something physical like walking, swimming, or even writing. Action allows us to shift our focus and channel that energy into something constructive. Try to remember what you are eternally grateful for. Gratitude is an awesome tool for shifting the vibe. Practice deep breathing. It is simple, but slowing the breath down to several long, gentle, deep breaths will completely shift the mood. Pray and ask for help from the Guides and Guardian Angels that help us daily. What is needed in order to forgive, let go, and move past the anger or hatred that is manifesting? Ask for help, and we shall receive.

Living in a Loving world does not mean that we have to be fake or "airy-fairy". It actually takes a lot of work to choose a Loving response instead of a reactive one. It takes will-power to forgive someone, and it doesn't just happen overnight. Forgiveness is a daily ritual and practice that leads to our ultimate freedom. What we give power to, grows. The plants we water in our garden will grow, and the ones we ignore will die. What kind of world do we want to live in? We can hate someone for who they are, for what they have, or for what they do, but how will that help us live our best life? I Hope and pray that one day hatred will end and people will simply gravitate toward one another based on similar passions and dreams. Is this unreasonable? I hope not...

Choose Love.

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