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Weekly Insights: New Energy, New Beginnings...

Happy New Moon, Happy Chinese New Year of the Tiger, Happy Black History Month, and Happy February! There are so many things to celebrate in this Saturn Universal influence and Winter season of hibernation, quiet stillness, and darkness. The New Moon brings positivity, hope, honesty, and optimism. It brings in a higher sense of self-awareness, and an opportunity to question how we used to do things or see things in order to shift into a more inventive approach that works with the vibratory frequency we are in now. Those old reactions have kept us in the past, and now is the time to get creative and allow new opportunities to expand us into deeper states of freedom.

This New Year of the Tiger stands for personal strength, courage, fearlessness, and willpower. We have an opportunity to tap into a more grounded and present state of consciousness. This year provides the gifts of ambition, letting go of old fears, and taking a stand for justice, truth, and righteousness. We are supported in becoming our own leaders by listening to the intuitive visions and dreams that we have been given by the unseen world. The strength of Tiger medicine also brings good health and the destruction of evil. Tiger energy supports a regenerated life force, fertility, and creativity. This year, the skies the limit. We only have to tap into our inner Tiger to leap into our blessings.

If you have felt overwhelmed with stress, know that everything has a beginning and an end. Nothing lasts forever, therefore new opportunities to grow are right around the corner. Hang tight and allow this New Moon to open things up with the support of the Tiger's power. You are not alone, and you are Loved and guided. All you have to do is ask the angles for support, and they will be there for you. Remember to ask for help and accept the support that arrives. Together, all things are possible, and in this year of 2's, we have to learn how to do things together in mind and heart, as well as in company. Stand tall, feel the inner Tiger of strength in spirit, and create the dreams you hold deep in the heart. Blessings are opening for all beings to receive now, and always.

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