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Weekly Insights: Pink Full Super Moon

The Pink Full Super Moon comes in right before the eclipse season is about to begin. It is called the Pink Moon because of a wildflower called the Pink Moss Phlox that blooms in North America this time of year. The significance of the color Pink is the connection to Love and to the heart. It is also significant of new beginnings and the birth of a new energy. It is necessary to the healing process to be able to leave the darkness of the past behind in order to make room for the amazing manifestations that are sprouting. The Full Moon that follows the Spring Equinox is known as the Paschal Moon, and it determines the date of Easter, which is the representation of a time of rebirthing. The Full Moon is a Super Moon, which means that it is closer, bigger, and has a deeper impact on our energy bodies. It is a Full Moon in Libra, the scales of balance, to help us return to balance after times of extremes. This harmony first starts inside our hearts and minds before it can start to work on health, relationships, abundance, and creativity. It is a Full Moon to release the story that still causes a shadow of darkness in the heart in order to return to the Light. There is also a very powerful planetary alignment happening during this same time that only aligns this way once in our lifetime. Jupiter and Neptune conjunct in Pisces helps us to bring our dreams into illumination. This is a time of spiritual awakening, inspiring transformation, and mystical alignment to our deepest inner visions and dreams. This is a great week to work with the water element by charging your water with mantra, cleansing crystals with water, taking baths, soaking your feet, going to the ocean/lake/river/stream, or getting a water feature for the home. Dream big, make a dream board, write out your greatest dreams, and see, hear, smell, taste, and feel your dreams manifesting in your mind and heart first. This is a time to put on the rose-colored glasses to look at life in a new way. Sometimes the answer is beyond what we could ever imagine.

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