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Weekly Insights: The Great Human Dilemma - My Way or the Highway?...

We are a very complicated species with a rich and complex perspective on life and what is right or wrong from our own perspective. This 11th week of the year always brings up the meaning of "justice" for each of us, because it is not always the same. The beauty and gift of being a human being is our ability to think and feel for ourselves. That is apparent in every individual on the face of the Earth. We see, feel, and experience one another believing in things that we haven't been exposed to or can't understand at this moment in our lives. Because of a lack of understanding, we each create judgements or mental conclusions that cause a limitation in our ability to look deeper, go further, or learn more. It is human nature to pick and choose "teams" that support our beliefs, traditions, strengths, and desires. We validate one another in these micro-groups, and eventually find ourselves turning against anyone who doesn't agree with our rules. The more we build up our micro-realities, the more we double down on how our beliefs are right and others have it wrong. This leads to shaming, blaming, and separating even further. Looking at the current state of the world, we can see this play out over time and create larger wars and conflicts that cause greater pain and suffering. Is it all worth it in the end?


A recent article in the paper told a story about a high school playoff basketball game as the decider on who would go to the finals this year. There was a lot at stake, and in the final seconds of the game, the score was down by one point. The final shot was taken a few seconds before the game ended and time ran out. The teammate made the 3-point game-winning shot, but the referee called it "no good" due to a clock violation. It was on video as a good shot, the audience and teams all saw it as a good shot, but the call was made and kept as it was. The other team won and went to the finals. The losing team took this decision to the court system to resolve, and this got us talking about the great human fight to be "right". Yes, there was a lot at stake, yes there was a mistake made, and yes life moves on. Things don't always go our way, and it is just as important to learn how to lose as it is to win. Many people would disagree with this, but how far would each of us go to get justice? Do we have any Faith at all in the universe helping to create harmony in the long run? What if it was our destiny to lose that game because of a greater unknown reason that will one day be revealed? This story has an element of surrendering to the higher forces sewn into it's fabric. Our ability to move past something so disappointing and agitating is what builds our inner strength and drive. When we lose, we get to see life play out and realize why we needed to go through what we did, and why the outcome was truly the best thing that could have happened to us at the time. We are not saying that we should never stand up for ourselves and the right thing. It's a matter of choosing our battles and using our energy to take a stand when we feel we need to. A championship match is important, and it is a big deal to go to the playoffs; however, is it really worth it to take the high school match to the courts? Does this mean that we would then have to judge the entire game and every call that was made? Where do we draw the line?


As much as we do our best to live truthfully, virtuously, and righteously, we all have our up days and our down days. No human is perfect, and every human is flawed. This means that we will make "bad" decisions once in a while. As long as we can learn and grow, not repeating the same mistakes over and over again, then we are on a path of evolution. We may take a few steps backward here and there, but we can create happiness, health, prosperity, and connection to Spirit when we can offer our Love and service to both ourselves and each other on a daily basis. It's not about being "right". It's not about "winning". It's not about "getting ahead". These are the illusions that pull us further from our freedom. When we become attached to the outcome and lose sight of the journey to get there, then we have lost the magic. Remembering that "life is a journey and not a destination" is key in living a happy life. The only thing that is real is NOW. We are not promised anything more than this. Enjoy life, create peace, have Faith, Love bigger, and live righteously. It is a blessing to be here!

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