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Weekly Insights: The Power is Within...

Most of us move through life as an observer through the lens of our eyes, not understanding that we are both the writer and the producer of what we see in front of us. It isn't until we make mistake after mistake, over and over again, that we see things don't have to be so difficult and painful. It is our choices that become the director of all of the good and the challenging parts of this life movie.

The gift of meditation, whatever form we resinate with, is an opportunity to see the bigger picture outside of this personal lens. The more we meditate and live, and live and meditate, the more we clearly see that our inner beliefs and repetitive thoughts are either the key to unlocking or the key to closing off our greatest and most inspiring dreams. All of us have an equal opportunity to become the alchemists of our reality, no matter how grim it may seem. We have seen it over and over again. People with a strong ability to monitor and shift thoughts toward the positive are able to shift bad situations into good ones quickly. This is not to say that life will become flawless and there will never be a challenge again. Actually, the opposite is sometimes true. The higher our vibration is, the more challenges show up to try and knock us back down. It is a dance, and no one's life is perfect and great all of the time. If there was a pill we could take to help us manifest the most amount of happiness, everyone would take it. Why is it then, that so many philosophers talk about this correlation between our thoughts and our success and happiness, yet people choose to continue to hold onto thoughts of fear and doubt in themselves and their lives? ...Because it takes effort and work to maintain a high frequency.

In order to hold positive thoughts, we have to breathe properly, eat healthy, exercise, and honor ourselves. We have to speak our truth, be honest with our feelings, and our actions and beliefs have to be aligned. If we are not raised this way, then we have to be able to move beyond our comfort zones, our past, and our karmic cycle in order to start a new beginning with healthier choices. This doesn't always happen overnight, so we get to learn from the life we create as we grow.

Full Moons are powerful times to harness the healing that comes from letting go, releasing, and surrendering to the moment. There will always be ups and downs, but our job is to stay even-keeled, balanced, and harmonized as well as we can along the way. Life is what we make of it, so let go of what is not important - and remember to embrace and be grateful for what is most important. Blessings come to those willing to accept them. Open your heart to Love and your arms to receive it, and watch your life transform into beauty.

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