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Weekly Insights: The Power of Non-Resistance...

When you wish good on others, no matter how they treat you, you have gained a super power. When you pray blessings on your greatest enemies, you remove the ability for them to hurt you. It is the power of transmutation. Energy is always looking for a place to go. When you put forth an action, there is an opposite reaction waiting to respond. If there is no response, then there is no power to harness. Our ability to fuel our blessings vs our challenges comes in where we spend our time. If our time is spent in worry and fear, trying to control an outcome and make things happen the way we want them to vs the way that is best for all, then we are actually pushing away what we really want. Remember, anything that truly belongs to us can never be taken away. The thought that we have to fight for our happiness is a false belief coming from the ego. The truth is that what we run away from ends up chasing us. What we resist, persists. By not reacting to a situation that may upset or bother us, we take its power away and it has to disappear.

Water is the greatest example of Divine Flow. Water never gets stuck pushing and fighting, it finds an opening and fills that space. Water molds a pattern over time, changing the Earth and moving mountains. Yet is it seemingly gentle in all of its power and strength of construction and destruction. As the "Hand of God", water is our example of how to manifest abundant living. Along the path, it is important to understand that everything and everyone is part of the greater plan of abundant blessings. Whether it feels like a win or a loss, a gain or a deficiency, it all exists as a link in the chain of blessings unfolding. That is the Truth. There is only one energy in the Universe from which everything else is born. That One Light is all we have to understand for our lives - filled with blessings and gifts. Embrace the goodness and allow things to be what they are. When coming from Truth and authenticity, there is nothing that can stop the good from manifesting.

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