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Weekly Insights: The Razor's Edge...

The Hindu Upanishads share that the path of Salvation is a challenging path, referring to finding balance on the sharp edge of a razor. Some phrase this in terms of balancing on a path of "the straight and narrow". Whether you see a dangerous path or a safe path, whether you choose more challenges or the safest way, it doesn't matter. We are always seeking the center and avoiding extremes. The extremes are always present and inviting themselves into our reality at every open opportunity, but it is up to us to make the choice to take the most neutral path that is best for us.

As we enter the month of June, the Summer months present extremes in temperature and behavior. There is a lot of energy and Light to work with, and that can create challenges for some people. The Venusian energies of the 6th month push us to both indulge in the sensual manifestations of life and connect to the heart spirit through daily meditation, prayer, and life intention. It is about balance. Venus is the planet to master the razor's edge, because it teaches that the true meaning of life comes in the balance between the material world and the spiritual world. It is the essence of the Star of David. No one can judge another person's path, as we all came to express our version of this balancing act - one way or another. Darkness or Light, fear or Love, stagnation or change, bitter or sweet - we get to see how we judge these polarities and who we are in the face of duality. It is also indicative of what we need to survive. Duality is a need in order to maintain balance in this reality. Without one side, the other side could never exist. The Light is given life from the darkness, and the darkness is given life from the Light. Instead of judging the process, become the neutral observer and see what works and what doesn't work for you. This time of year is a wonderful opportunity to create harmony and walk the razor's edge of fearlessness unattached. Life is a wonderful unfolding of our choices. This new moon offers another great beginning for seed planting. What kind of reality are you moving toward? Take a step in that direction and see what happens. HAPPY NEW MOON!

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