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Weekly Insights: The Will To Be Naturally Free...

As we come to the last few weeks of another Saturn Period, we get to see the karma of the world unfolding in front of our eyes. It's nothing outside of who each of us are individually, as the whole is made up of its parts. Maybe we didn't specifically try to hurt or harm another being, but each of us have had harmful thoughts or feelings that we see being expressed in others who didn't have the strength or will power to stop them from actualizing. The only thing that separates each of us is our will to act or not act on every instinct we have. On the 10th week of the year, we have a chance to see where we currently are, and choose a new path that is healthier, happier, and more prosperous. Seeing human beings as separate from one another, observing humans detaching from the natural world, and choosing to participate in separation, hate, and disconnect, is the quickest way to self-destruction. When the colors of the rainbow, or in our body - the chakras - separate themselves and do not work together, there is illness, dis-ease, and death. As without, so is within. If each belief is a color in that rainbow, then we understand that we are strong enough in our ability to stand for what is important to us as individuals, yet also stand united next to all of the other beliefs and ways of living that exist. There are no real lines of separation because everything exists all at once. Understanding is acceptance. This is the beauty of how the universe works. Whatever we are uncomfortable with shows up in our homes, in our families, in our jobs, and in our spiritual communities. We are confronted with truths outside of our own in order to understand the spectrum of the rainbow. It is okay to disagree. It is okay to be different and believe in different things. It is what we have been taught to celebrate in previous generations, as the USA was always known as the "melting pot" of the world. The full spectrum of life is what makes us so amazing as beings in the human family.

We are living, spiritual beings that are interconnected and intertwined in each other's energies. We have a consciousness, and so does every cell of our bodies, our organs, and the various inner systems. Everything is alive and aware within us. This is why muscle testing works so magically, and why our dreams are able to foretell the future. There is a greater energy and power in the universe, and there are many energies and beings that we cannot see with our eyes or touch with our hands that have a direct affect on our lives. We don't have all of the answers, and that is where the energies of separation take full advantage of the weak-hearted, weak-minded, and weak-willed. It is only through misunderstanding that we are able to be so easily controlled by mistruth. Knowledge is power, and higher power acts through truth, Love, and wisdom. The highest wisdom is birthed out of pure kind-heartedness, service, and cosmic Love. When we see cruelty, we are never looking at power. It is weakness, and it cannot be eternal. The only thing that is eternal is Love.

We are in a time of darkness and challenge on the planet. In the history of the Earth, this time is a small bump on the road. What is most important is our ability to find peace amidst any chaos. Inner peace is the most solid foundation to grow from. Separation is a cancer on the planet. In our cells, cancer forms when a group of cells turns against the others. This can be healed when we find our connection to one another and the ecosystem we are a part of. Nature is our way back to Truth. Making the choice to commune with nature instead of synthetics, taking time to breath and walk in nature with bare feet, and having a personal relationship with nature all serve as a reminder of who we are and how we work together so perfectly to create the magical world we get to live in. There is so much beauty happening at the same time as the darkness. We get to choose to embrace it or not, but it is and will always be there. Nature has outlasted generations of humans. Humans have the ability to use free will to act and create, while plants and animals all work in an interconnected cycle of life and death. When we finally decide to choose to act for the greatest common good, instead of our own selfish desires, then we will align our actions with nature, and many dis-eases will find resolution. Separation is the ultimate illness. Each of us gets to decide to stay sick or to get better. We get to choose to flow in faith, forgiveness, and gratitude, or to blame, shame, and discriminate. In the end, Love will find a way to end up on top. How will that ride look for you? You get to decide...

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