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Weekly Insights: Wishy or Washy?...

During the Universal Moon Period, we may feel indecisive. The New Moon enters this week, just after Mercury went direct. We also had an eclipse and the energies are still settling from all of this energetic activity. Many different conversations with clients and friends this week have resulted in someone having problems making decisions, or feeling the pressure to accept the decisions that others have place upon them. Reflecting on choices, we understand that just one simple choice can make or break a situation, and it also has the power to change our lives forever. This got us thinking... how do we know when our choices are right? For some, there is no question to answer. The choice is always revealed when it's time to know...

Each of us has a connection to the well of energy that guides, protects, and blesses the journey. We either listen and follow that inner Light, or we ignore or turn against it. Some misjudge the ego for the higher voice of Universal Love. So how do we know which voice is guiding us? If we are following the ego, we are following a specific agenda, an expectation, or an answer. When following the higher guidance, then there is an inner knowing, gentle inner guidance, and a relaxed and receptive energy that welcomes in the experience without fully understanding exactly what is coming in. To help us follow our inner guidance, we need time. Time allows us the space to listen, feel, and surrender to a greater direction. It is said that waiting 24-48 hours from the time you contemplate a decision to the time the decision is made, is best in order to truly follow the heart's guidance. Rushed decisions are never the best decisions. Taking a few extra hours, days, or weeks to feel into a big decision allows for a clear mind and heart to answer the call most genuinely. This is greatly beneficial in order to feel into the situation and make an educated and intuitive decision for one's highest good. Also, meditation and muscle testing, or spiritual dowsing, can be helpful tools to tap into one's inner guidance. Each has its techniques, but share a common intention of following inner guidance and one's guides, or spiritual angelic presence, to help direct the greatest and highest decisions for the self and for all.

All in all, the best guidance is one's own guidance. We can and should bounce ideas off of one another, but in the end, it is us who has to live with the choices we make. We each write the story that becomes our book of life. There will be easy choices and tough decisions throughout life, but either way, life is way too short to let go of our dreams and give our power up to another being to decide our destiny. The greatest progress comes with our greatest life decisions. When our choices are made out of fear, we live the karma of our beliefs, words, and limitations. When our choices are made from the heart, intuitive knowing, or out of self-Love, then spiritual awakening and forward progress manifests to help guide us into the next learning phase of our lives. The big lessons come in knowing that when we make decisions for our greater and higher good without fear, expectation, attachment, or worry, then there are no big hurdles that can stop us from our true and greatest destiny. Never give up, always follow the heart, and only listen to the inner knowing of the soul for life guidance. The most authentic, real, and powerful advice comes from the unseen forces that we access through the power of Love. With Love, we can never be steered wrong. Take time, slow down, listen, and follow the heart. It is more important to be true to the self than it ever will be to appease the outer world. Self-Love is success, freedom, and ultimate alchemy. Make a wish, listen to the guidance, and wash away the outer chatter. You, and only you, have the courage to free yourself from regret or disempowerment by making personal choices, and following values that resonate with the soul in order help fulfill one's life mission and higher purpose. Follow your wishes, and wash away the voices that are steering you away from them. Life is too short to live someone else's destiny. This is the New Moon to manifest it!

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