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What Is Whole-y?

With two eyes, two ears, and one mouth,

There are seven holes north and more down south.

The holes in the body are the windows to observe,

What the cosmos are getting ready to cook up and serve.

This is the only measurement of being holy,

Because we are all human beings in this life ceremony.

No one is better and no one is worse,

Just consciousness awakening to the multi-verse.

Never born to be perfect or lacking flaws,

Just living the best life for a righteous cause.

To be better and better is the deeper purpose,

Creating positive change in life through service.

Following the commandments and laws of nature,

Practicing kindness, compassion, and Loving behavior.

Thinking of the effects of all words and actions,

How can I do better with less physical distractions?

To be human is to find wholeness through living,

Taking care of the mind, heart, and soul by forgiving.

Supporting a greater purpose and goodness for all,

Uplifting others while not playing small.

Speaking Truth with integrity and good intentions,

Having the courage to speak up without apprehension.

Not swayed by money, power, or greed.

Honoring all living beings and every need.

A link in the connection to our oneness and Light,

Emitting Love waves toward the struggle to be right.

Keeping the Love Light on no matter what occurs,

Respecting all differences of what each human prefers.

It's a blink of an eye here on the planet Earth.

So what is important and what holds worth?

Is it the material goods that will one day fade away,

Or the relationships and experiences that create each day?

Each of us decides what our book of life contains,

Where the energy goes and what it takes to maintain.

Always returning to the sacredness of the soul,

What kind of being do you wish to be and what's your goal?

The more we embrace Love the more Love we can share,

Waking up in the dream to become more aware.

To be "holy" is to be set apart from all others,

Beyond the physicalness of our fellow sisters and brothers.

What we really need to be is complete and whole,

A Divine expression of our unique and living soul.

Competing to be more Loving, more giving, and more kind,

Leading life with the heart that directs the mind.

This is a time and space to truly decide,

Will you stand up for goodness or go inward and hide?

Every choice that we make is our living story,

A chance to rise up to our greatness and glory.

Making whole what is broken and mend the pain,

We are One and have this opportunity to come together again.

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