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A MindSet of Love

There are a set of beliefs imprinted,

A hue of this plane that's been tinted.

We have a choice to comply,

Or leap out of limitation and lie.

Inner balance helps us to see,

That so much more is meant to be.

It is in strength of will and intent,

That we break out and reinvent.

Codes are left for us to translate,

Pieces of Truth used to re-educate.

Empowering each soul to rise above,

From self-hatred to self-Love.

Out of the cycles of hope and fear,

Able to look directly into the mirror.

Understanding self-sabotaging behavior,

Not calling others your master savior.

Asleep we give our power away,

Awake we can see the Light of the day.

Each of us chooses the way we evolve,

No wrong or right when the ego dissolves.

To live a life with joy and health,

Balanced in serving and receiving wealth,

True to the soul, spirit, and Light,

Manifesting a destiny successful and bright.

Learning and growing from the masters,

Then walking the talk on your own after.

Each individual igniting new flames,

Into new territory and out of the games.

We have the ability to speak to the unseen,

To go to worlds where no one has been.

We have the secrets to unlock our power,

Rising with kindness to destroy the tower.

Don't believe those who tell you no,

Go where the Light power can overflow.

We are the ones here to arrive,

Into Cosmic Love where we infinitely thrive.

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