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August Divine Spiritual Wisdom, As Taught By Dr. Levry: Quotes & Insights

Divine Plane:

Level of Thoughts, the Crown, and Higher Consciousness

"If a person doesn't do what you want them to do, you cannot allow that to make you negative. Thinking negatively will make the thoughts increase. Then you are thinking and thinking. If you do not allow the five senses to determine your thoughts, then you have less thoughts and you are in a peaceful state of mind, you feel calm, and you are collected. When the qualities of thoughts are high, healthy thinking is slow."

~ Dr. Levry

We know what it is that we need to address by the quality, amount, and repetition of our thoughts. What do we spend our time thinking deeply about? Life has an interesting way in teaching us so that we have a chance to learn about our humanness. We have no real control of all aspects of reality. Things that we don't want to happen sometimes happen, but what we do have control over is our response. Listen to the thoughts that circulate in the mind. Listen to the intuitive guidance of the heart. By addressing the thoughts that circulate through the mind right away, making amends, forgiving, and letting go, we are able to heal ourselves before we have a chance to get sick. The intuition helps to guide us to what our thoughts mean in terms of what we need to heal and address. Listen, observe, and let go. The blessing of life is that there are no mistakes, just lessons.

Astral Plane:

Level of Emotions, the Heart, and the Unseen World.

"Thought is the language of the Universe. Emotions come from no where. Feelings are just unconscious thoughts. They can be pinpointed. If you control your physiology, you control your thoughts and feelings."

~ Dr. Levry

We are emotional beings - we are energy in motion. Our feelings are simply a response to our environment. We feel cold, so we put on a sweater. We feel hungry, so we eat. These feelings are temporary and based on one of our five senses being activated. Our thoughts are Divinely inspired. They are gifts of ideas from Creator in order for us to know what do to in any given situation. Our emotions are developed over the course of our lives and many lifetimes. The quality of our emotions come from the various imprints we have acquired on a soul level. Sometimes our emotions are so overwhelming that they actually paralyze us from doing things here on the physical plane. To understand who we are, we have to understand what triggers us, moves us, or stirs up emotion from within. It is our responsibility to surround our vessels with high frequency visuals, audios, foods, people, and circumstances that support our intentions. By doing this, we set ourselves up for the victory of Love over fear.

Physical Plane:

Level of Actions, the Abdomen, and the Physical Body.

"Focus on Love in your meditations to help all of the drama in the world. The Earth needs Love. Humans are very territorial by nature. It is good to be territorial, but to also see other people like reflections. The problem happens when you become and island. When humans become territorial, God will bring so many problems that it will take a lifetime to resolve. When a cell becomes individual, it is called Cancer."

~ Dr. Levry

In life, we each go through our lows and highs. The difference between each of us is how we choose to respond to what life brings. The true test is when we are given a lot of power. Do we use our power to help others and bring ourselves closer to those who have nothing, or do we use our power to go higher no matter who or what is perceived to be "in the way". The quality of what we have inside of us is tested at our highest highs. We can become a cancer in our own bodies when we reject ourselves for who we are, when we blame, when we shame, and when we disconnect from our interconnectedness to ourselves and our reality. We can also become a cancer to our society when we reject those who are not like us, when we bring pain or harm to other life forms, and when we isolate ourselves as "separate" from others. We are not separate, and we have never been. Each of us is a cell in the great being of creation. We are one, and we are interconnected. We must not separate, but instead, come together with our differences to become stronger and better as a humanKIND.


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