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Boundaries of Love...

Love has the grace to endure,

Intentions so Divine and pure.

How far do you let that Love run,

Can it go deeper than laughs and fun?

Will you Love me if I don't think the same,

Or make a choice not to play the game?

Will you still Love me if I don't agree,

Discrediting what you desire to be?

Are there limitations to the Love you share,

Or do you shift when you no longer care?

I am true to my heart and needs,

Following goodness as my soul leads.

What if this guidance doesn't follow you,

Will your heart still remain true?

Joining together in a Love so authentic,

Magnetizing in a field that's morphogenic.

What is real is the Love enduring,

Not just words that are reassuring.

Experiencing this inner state of 'oneness',

Feeling Truth or creating numbness.

Each of us unique with a mind of our own,

Following guidance we receive all alone.

Making a choice to practice self-care,

Learning to give back and to share.

Deciding not to live in vein,

Serving the good and healing the pain.

Moving forward stronger and better,

Praying together as spiritual go-getters.

Growing in focus beyond limitations,

Affecting many future generations.

We have the power to empower each other,

No longer judging our cosmic brothers.

Choices we make and people we become,

Lessons we are willing to overcome.

But in the end, Love has no limitations,

Just infinite possibilities of Divine creations.

As people we have a chance to see,

Are we Loving unconditionally?

If not, where do we need to heal,

Where are we not allowing ourselves to feel?

Once we come to our inner peace,

Love limitations will finally decease.

Freedom will water the roots of expansion,

Growing in trust and positive action.

The more we Love, the more it will show,

Collaborating to strengthen and to grow.

Building the tribe with purity of heart,

The seed is in the fruit from the very start.

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